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Island Horses will gives you fun horse riding experience such as Fun Rides on Lead Rope, Beach or Jungle Rides, Village Rides, Exclusive Jungle Trails.

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About Island Horses

Island Horses centre is registered under the Malaysian Equine Council, an official organization which coordinates the development and promotion of equine sports and activities in Malaysia. Their FEI riders are registered with The Equestrian Association of Malaysia, an authorized body which coordinates the national rides and horses of the following country.

While they use horses from Argentina called Criollos for general riding activities, they also have a number of high-calibre, well-trained FEI registered purebred Arabians for International and local CEI 1*, 2* and 3* endurance events.

Island Horses :- Riding Hours

From 7am to 11am or from 4pm to 6pm

Most rides start at 9am or 4pm


Island Horses :- Package Pricing

Rates/ Hours
Island Horses
Fun Ride

Rm 60.00- 15 minutes
Rm 120.00- 30 minutes

Lead by rope1 to 1
Island Horses
Beach Rides

RM240.00- 1 hour
RM 200 – extra hour

Includes transportation from Berjaya Hotels & Mutiara Burau Bay
Island Horses
Jungle Rider

RM240.00- 1 hour
RM 200 – extra hour

Includes transportation from Berjaya Hotels & Mutiara Burau Bay
Island Horses
Mountain Trail

RM440.00- 1 hour

Seven Wells waterfall expeditionincludes transportation from Berjaya Hotels & Mutiara Burau Bay




  1. a)Fun Rides on Lead Rope

First timer wants enjoy Fun rides, no worries you can enjoy horse riding too with our staff guidance. Our staff will lead the horses on foot and providing one-on-one attention to both rider and horse.

Duration: 30 minutes or 1 hour.

  1. b) Beach or Jungle Rides

The most popular rides in island is jungle or beach rides. Your first rides are through Mount Mat Cincang which experiences you to enjoy nature, history of trees and see small wildlife all the way. While crossed the jungle you will pass the jungle stream near the Seven Wells Waterfall. Then rides to Pantai Kok Beach whereTelaga Harbour located. You can have a break at Telaga harbour by amazed the lovely sails and enjoy the view of sparkling yachts in the marina before moves to the Perdana Stables via the pine groves together the gorgeous beach.

Duration: 1 or 2 hours.

  1. c) Kampung Rides-(Village Rides)

Kampung rides will bring you to village life experience and traditional of Malay houses. You will rides through the local villages and look over the architecture of Malay traditions. You can also observe the village life daily activities which give to differentiate their life too.  While observing the village life your rides will brings you forward to look into unique scenery of Langkawi with varieties of bird life and swamp buffaloes in the vast green paddy fields.

While returning back your rides through village, you can sightsee the rubber trees which forming the rubber plantation and get sharing from our guide about secondary rainforest and plant histories along the way. Although there is difference in village rides due to weather changes but you can enjoy your rides with new and unique as well.

Duration: 1 or 2 hours.

d)Exclusive Jungle Trails

We bring your rides to be more exciting and challenging by our exclusive jungle trails. Even though this ride is more exciting and extreme, we are highly focused on the experienced rider and who are comfortable with trekking as well. With the narrow trails, your rides will brings you into the world’s oldest virgin rainforest which known as mysterious rainforest of the 550 million years old mountain range of Gunung Matchinchang. Besides listening to the basic story from our experienced guide, he also will explains the secrets of traditional medicine plants and other works of  natures though your rides among tropical jungle.

Duration: 2 hours and more.


Guider will provide a complete set of riding equipment such as safety helmets, saddles and tack for rider safety. Due to safety conscious they strictly ruled to all riders to wear safety helmet before start their rides.  To make sure the safe riding in all situations, they strictly instructed to all horse riding, a group of authorized horsewomen riders will be accompany with all riders.


Riding Skill

You are welcome to ride with them!  Before booking your ride, please take a moment to ascertain you’re riding experience and skill level, as well as our rules and regulations.

For the safety and enjoyment of our guests, all riders are required to inform us of their riding abilities by selecting one of the following levels as stated below:

1)  INEXPERIENCED:  Never ridden before. (Riding options: Fun Rides, Lessons, Beach and/or Jungle rides but strictly by lead rope only)

2)  BEGINNER: Have had some riding experience, but have never had lessons with an instructor. (Riding options: Lessons, Beach and/or Jungle ride when the rider has proven capabilities to the trail leader. If necessary, a lead rope will be used.)

3)  NOVICE: Have had lessons with a qualified instructor and I am aware of all basic riding requirements. However, not a regular rider and have not ridden for some time. (Riding options: Lessons, Village rides, Beach and/or Jungle rides, and other riding activities can be considered upon proven capabilities to the trail leader, instructor or endurance- coach)

4)  EXPERIENCED: A certified horseman, skilled in all basic horse knowledge and riding techniques. (Riding options: All available rides and activities)

Riding Rules and Regulations

1) Participate in an assessment of riding ability

2) Abide by the decision of the trail-leader to allocate the horse deemed most compatible with the rider’s skill level

3) Wear a helmet at all times during the ride

4) follow the instructions of the trail-leader at all times

5) Stay within the pace dictated by the trail-leader – this will be restricted to a walk, trot or controlled canter

6) Understand that under no circumstances will an extended canter or gallop be permitted

7) Ride on a lead-rope (children and inexperienced riders)

8) Island Horses Sdn. Bhd. reserves the right to cancel or terminate any ride on grounds of safety, and/or for those who fail to adhere to the above-stated rules. Please also note that riding locations may vary, depending on season and weather conditions.

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