Although Langkawi falls into the tropical weather zone, but unlike many other parts of Malaysia, it enjoys far more sunshine, dry spells and a stable weather. This is mainly because it is well protected by the Malaysia’s mainland on its east and the Indonesian island Sumatra on its west.

So if you plan to visit Langkawi anytime of the year, you can expect enough sunshine during the day time even during the rainy season. While there may be rains, thunders and even continuous lightning splitting the sky in the evenings and striking the ocean, next morning when you wake up, you will again likely find a bright & clear day.

The first time when we came to the island in September, it was initially a bright day with a clear sky. But later in the afternoon as we sat in an open air restaurant, we saw dark cloud gathering and soon engulfed the entire sky. Then started a strong breeze, then drizzle and then torrential rain with thunders. With a heavy heart we thought that was the end of our vacation.

But next morning it was all gone. The sky was clear as ever and the sun shining brightly. We learned that even during rainy season, it would usually shower only for a couple of hours and that too in the late afternoon or evening or at night. But Langkawi’s most prevailing weather is sunny, bright day, enough sunshine, warm and with some humidity. Anybody who loves a tropical warm weather, would find this island a piece of paradise.

A typical Langkawi Weather! I took this photo in September

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You will never require to wear a jacket or a sweater in Langkawi. In fact the temperature remains warm and mostly the same through out the year. During the course of the year, the variation in average high temperature is usually between 31°C to 34°C, and between average low is 23°C to 24°C. You will rarely see temperature going below 22°C or above 35°C at any time of the day.

The warmest period is between February to March with February being the hottest month. The average high temperature in February hovers around 33°C. July through October is usually the coolest season. July & September are usually the coolest months. The average low temperature during this time drops to around 23°C. But the average high temperature during the cold season remains around 31°C. So it’s always a good time to swim by the beachside. But you should carry enough sun lotion with you while visiting Langkawi, particularly during the hot months.

Rain is the primary factor that determines the high and low season in Langkawi. Who would like the rains to spoil the vacation? The Dry season is from January to March when rainfall is minimum and virtually non-existent. From April up to August is the mid-season where there can be mild rains at times. The main rainy or monsoon season in Langkawi is between September to October.

This is when you may expect moderately high rain almost every day. However even during rainy season, it would usually rain for about two hours a day and out of that usually one hour at night. You will still get enough sunshine in the mornings. It’s usually towards late afternoon when the sky starts getting cloudy and then it rains.

Note that thunderstorms are also quite common in Langkawi. Between April to October (i.e. during mid-season and rainy season) when it rains, there is over 50% chance of thunderstorm accompanying the rain.

One thing that you will need to cope with here is the humidity. It’s quite humid all through the year and sometimes it can become very uncomfortable. During the course of the entire year, humidity in Langkawi varies between 52° (mildly humid) to 95° (very humid). The most humid months are between April to October when it rains. Humidity usually reaches its peak during the month of August and becomes lowest between January to February. So when you go outdoor during the daytime, you will likely sweat a lot. Fresh coconut waters are available almost at all places that give you a nice option to cool down your body. Also carry a small wet towel.

The daylight remains almost for 12 hours a day through out the year. The longest day is usually in June spanning for about 12.30 hours and the shortest day is in December for 11:45 hours. The earliest sunrise is in May at 7am and latest sunrise is in February at 7:40am. The earliest sunset takes place in November at 7pm and the latest sunset takes place in July at 7:40pm. There is no Daylight Savings Time (DST) applicable at Langkawi.

Through the course of the year, the wind speed varies from calm (3 m/s) to gentle breeze (5 m/s). February and March are usually the months when you get the highest wind speeds (close to about 7 m/s). From April to October it remains more or less the same at an average of 2 m/s. It again starts picking up from November. Most often the wind flows from the North East and also from East as well as West.

Best Time To Visit Langkawi
So when do you think you should visit Langkawi. While from the weather perspective the driest season (January to March) may seem to be the answer, but hotel & tour rates also shoot up during that time, and so does the airline fares. Check out Best Time To Visit Langkawi to get a good analysis.

Langkawi Weather Chart (by month)
The following chart summarizes the average month-wise weather parameters like the maximum & minimum air temperatures, sea temperature, rainfall, daily sunshine and relative humidity.

January (Average)
Air Temp (max/min): 33/23°C; Sea Temp: 29°C; Rainfall: 50mm;
Daily Sunshine: 8hrs; Humidity (max/min): 85/53%

Air Temp (max/min): 34/23°C; Sea Temp: 29°C; Rainfall: 47mm;
Daily Sunshine: 9hrs; Humidity (max/min): 87/53%

Air Temp (max/min): 34/23°C; Sea Temp: 29°C; Rainfall: 91mm;
Daily Sunshine: 8hrs; Humidity (max/min): 93/58%

Air Temp (max/min): 34/24°C; Sea Temp: 30°C; Rainfall: 169mm;
Daily Sunshine: 9hrs; Humidity (max/min): 93/65%

Air Temp (max/min): 34/24°C; Sea Temp: 30°C; Rainfall: 256mm;
Daily Sunshine: 8hrs; Humidity (max/min): 93/70%

Air Temp (max/min): 32/24°C; Sea Temp: 30°C; Rainfall: 218mm;
Daily Sunshine: 9hrs; Humidity (max/min): 93/70%

Air Temp (max/min): 31/23°C; Sea Temp: 30°C; Rainfall: 233mm;
Daily Sunshine: 8hrs; Humidity (max/min): 93/70%

Air Temp (max/min): 31/24°C; Sea Temp: 30°C; Rainfall: 249mm;
Daily Sunshine: 8hrs; Humidity (max/min): 95/70%

Air Temp (max/min): 31/23°C; Sea Temp: 30°C; Rainfall: 339mm;
Daily Sunshine: 8hrs; Humidity (max/min): 93/70%

Air Temp (max/min): 31/23°C; Sea Temp: 29°C; Rainfall: 344mm;
Daily Sunshine: 7hrs; Humidity (max/min): 93/67%

Air Temp (max/min): 32/23°C; Sea Temp: 29°C; Rainfall: 215mm;
Daily Sunshine: 6hrs; Humidity (max/min): 92/65%

Air Temp (max/min): 32/23°C; Sea Temp: 29°C; Rainfall: 94mm;
Daily Sunshine: 7hrs; Humidity (max/min): 90/60%