Nature Tour Operators, Langkawi

Following are my select list of nature tour operators in Langkawi. They specialize in tours, treks and walks to explore the nature in its different forms and have made a good name for themselves. These tours and trips would let you explore many facets of the island that are otherwise not visible to the common tourists. They include the rainforests on mountain slopes with theor unique flora & fauna, mountains with stunning rock formations, animal life both in day and nighttime, bird life, discovering rare & gorgeous butterflies, exploring villages, geoparks and lot more. All tour operators listed below are well reputed, have experienced guides of their own who are friendly, knowledgeable and speak good English. The operators also have their own infrastructure to carry out the tours.

Dev’s Adventure Tourism
The company was formed in 2006 an has been since rated as one of the top ones conducting nature tours in Langkawi. Their main strength is their very well experienced and friendly nature guides who can also speak good English. The guides also tell you a lot about the island, its history and heritage as you take the tours. They follow Eco tourism practices and their tours do not therefore harm the nature in anyway. For example they won’t feed the monkeys or the eagles which is actually harmful to the creatures.

Offering: 3-hour jungle trek (excluding transfer time)
This is a relatively easy trek on a hilly terrain and in the jungle of Mount Mat Cingcang. You can also choose a 2-hour day trek combined with one hour evening walk through the forest to explore both daytime and nocturnal animal life. In that case the trek starts late in the afternoon and continues after dark.
It operates daily. Minimum 2 persons required in a group. Starts at 9am (Monday at 10pm) and 5pm.
Indicative Rate: RM120 per person (Child 5-12: RM80). Includes experienced guide, hotel transfers, mineral water, insurance.

Offering: Private morning & evening walking tours to rainforest in Gunung Raya
1 – 1.5 hours of morning walk at 8am and evening walk on 7pm, daily on request. These are light walks through the forest to observe animal life.
Minimum 1 person and Maximum 15 persons in a private group
Indicative Rate: RM250 per person. Includes experienced guide, but no transfers
Offering: Birdwatching Tour
5 hour birding excursion. Starts at 7:30am. Requires minimum 2 persons.
Trip takes to Gunung Raya for mountain birds and to lowland/paddy fields.
Indicative Rate: RM200 per person
Includes hotel transfers, experienced guide, drinking water, insurance, bird list etc. You are expected to carry your own binocular, otherwise give them a call in advance.
Offering: Mangroves Kayak Tour
5-Hour Kayaking tour to explore the mangroves, bat cave, eagle area, fish tour etc. Daily morning departures (9:30/10am). Minimum 2 persons per group.
Indicative Rate: RM220, Child 5-12 years: RM140.
Includes nature guide, hotel transfers, set lunch, well equipped kayaks, waterproof bags to keep small cameras, mineral water, insurance etc.
Offering: Nature Cycling Tour
Starts 8:30am or 3:30pm on request. Minimum 2 persons. Duration 3-4 hours without the transfer time.
Indicative Rate: RM120 per person, Child (10-12 years): RM100
Includes Mountain Bike (21 gears), Guide, Hotel Transfers and Mineral Water.

Contact information for booking & inquiry
Phone: +60 (0)19 4949193, Fax: +60 (0)4 9554892
Address: Rumah Kedai No. 1, Tingkat 3, Lot 1556, Tanjung Mali, Pantai Cenang, Langkawi (near Underwater World, 2nd floor above Papadam Ria restaurant)

This is another great nature tour company in Langkawi that follows the Eco Tourism practices. They are one of the best when it comes to rainforest and jungle treks to explore animal and bird life. They also offer several other unique nature tours and treks.

Offering: Jungle treks in Mount Mat Cincang rainforest.
Starts at 8am and 12noon daily (except Monday). Total tour duration about 4 hours.
Indicative Rates: RM150 per person, group size 2 – 8 persons. The trek is suitable for 12 and above. Includes experienced guide, hotel transfers, mineral water.
Offering: Jungle treks for families & children in Mount Mat Cingcang
Tour duration from 4pm to 7:30pm. Operates daily except Mondays.
Children up to age of 2 can join. Group size maximum 8.
Indicative Rate: RM400 per family. Includes experienced guide, hotel transfers, mineral water.
Offering: After dark and morning treks in Gunung Raya rainforest
The trek lasts for about 4 hours and take place along paved road. The trip takes place daily (except Monday).
Indicative Rates: RM200 per person, Child: RM100; Group size limited to 12. Includes a nature guide, hotel transfers and a binocular.
Offering: Trek to the summit of Mount Mat Cincang
This is a challenging steep trek which takes about 3 hours to the peak and another 2 hours to come down.
It is organized on request. Includes experienced guide, mineral water, hotel transfers etc.
Offering: Bird Watching Tours
Half day (morning or afternoon) and 2-day bird watching tours.
Morning tour (4 hours) covers habitats like rainforest, mangroves & paddy fields.
Afternoon session covers habitats like village ponds and the peak of Gunung Raya.
The 2-day tour is comprehensive and covers all habitats.
Indicative Rates: Half Day Bird Watching Tours: RM200 per person (Child RM120). Full Day Tour: RM750 per person. Minimum 2 persons and max 12 persons per tour.
All tour include guides, transport including hotel transfers, drinking water, binocular, scope etc.
Offering: Kayak & Swimming Adventure
4 Hours tour to explore the mangroves, flora & fauna, jungle stream etc. Daily morning departures except Mondays (10am). 2 – 8 persons per group.
Indicative Rate: RM250, Child under 12 years: RM150.
Includes nature guide, transfers, set lunch, well equipped kayaks, waterproof bags to keep small cameras, mineral water etc.
Offering: Butterfly Discovery Tours
Starts from 9am to 12noon daily on request except Sundays
Indicative Rate: RM250 per person with group size of 2 – 8. A private single person walk will cost RM500.
Includes guide, hotel transfers and mineral water.

Contact information for booking & inquiry
Phone: +6019 225 2300 or +6012 584 6184, Fax: +604 959 1277
Address: NO. 1C LOT 1392, Jalan Tanjung Rhu, 07000 Langkawi, Malaysia

Rimbawi Geo Discovery
Othman Ayeb is a well known Malaysian naturalist with over 20 years of experience and has established this operation. He has featured in National Geographic channel and also has his name in Guinness Book of world records as a pioneering snake charmer. He along with his wife Rahayu and a group of local naturalists offer several nature tours & hikes with great passion and attention to details.

Offering: Hike to summit of mount Mat Cincang
9am – 3pm on Mondays and Wednesday
Indicative rate: RM300 per person (2 – 8 persons in a group)
Includes drinking water, snacks & fruits.

Offering: Explore Mat Cincang Rainforest
8:30am – 12noon (Sunday, Wednesday, Friday)
Indicative rate: Adult RM120, Child RM80

Offering: Explore Rainforest at night
6pm-9pm (Sun, Mon, Wed, Fri)
Indicative rate: Adult RM150, Child RM100

Contact information for booking & inquiry
No 1a, Jalan Simpang Datai, Mukim Ayer Hangat, 07000 Langkawi, Malaysia.
Mobile: +6019 59 35 338

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