Sky Dive Langkawi

SKY DIVE in Langkawi defiantly became awesome experience for each person. They will enjoy the amazing view during the event. The instructors are very professional and friendly, it is very safe with their professionalism.


Sky Dive Langkawi

Skydive Langkawi
Package & Price Base Package RM1350 Tandem Skydive from 10,000 feet!
Gold Package RM1495 Skydive from 10,000 feet with up to 300 photos!
VIP Package RM1795 Tandem Skydive from 10,000 feet.

  • Relive and share your achievement.
  • Personal video of your skydive!
  • Plus 300 stunning high res still shots.
  • Provide most hotel to airport transfers for no charge
Location Take off point
Your aircraft takes off from the international airport.

Skydive and Landing Zone :
We skydive over and land on Tanjung Rhu Beach

Duration It takes about 2-3 hours for the whole adventure.
**Time is upon request
IMPORTANT NOTE: SKYDIVE LANGKAWI has temporarily ceased operation.This due to a new regulatory paperwork retirement of the Department Of Civil Aviation of Malaysia.Need to wait for new updates until further notice.


Why jump with us?

  • All Instructors are Australian Parachute Federation Certified!
  • Asia’s only island beach landing!
  • Australian Tourism Award Winners!
  • Asia’s highest skydive!

Safety First!

  • Owned and run by an Australian National Champion
  • We operate strictly to Australian Parachuting Safety Standards!
  • 20 years experience & excellent safety record
  • Most modern equipment available.

We are industry leaders in customer service innovation

  • Everyone gets filmed and watches afterwards!
  • Free Facebook photo uploaded for everyone!
  • Guaranteed DVD! If it fails, you jump again for free!
  • DVD’s uploaded to Youtube for free!

Our Team

  • All Instructors are Australian Parachute Federation Certified! Over 35,000 jumps!
  • Trained to deliver a high level of customer service.
  • This is our full-time job and we love what we do!

Scenic Flight
We fly you over the most beautiful parts of island.

Skydive and Landing Zone
We skydive over and land on Tanjung Rhu Beach

skydive land areaLand on Tanjung Rhu Beach, Langkawi
This is a world class skydive site. You simply can’t beat the view!
Land on the soft sandy beach!

Term and condition


  • Client: Client includes the person participating and/or any other person or third party agent who made the booking on behalf of the participant.

Acceptance of terms

  • Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions will be assumed unless we hear otherwise from the client within 48 hours of the booking confirmation email being received.
  • Exemption from these Terms and Conditions (part or in full) is at the discretion of Skydive Langkawi and must be agreed upon at time of booking or within 48 hours of the booking confirmation email being received.

Pricing Policy

  • Prices are in Malaysian Ringgit and include taxes.
  • Prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden fees.
  • To maintain high product quality and safety standards, we do not discount our prices.

Customer Service Policy

  • At Skydive Langkawi, we aim to provide our clients with the highest level of customer service possible. This is one way we differentiate ourselves from our competitors.
  • If you are unsatisfied with an element of our service to you, please contact us immediately. Our management team will move quickly to respond to your feedback and issue resolution.

Delivery policy

  • Booking Confirmation and Gift Vouchers are emailed immediately. If you do not receive, please email us so we can resend.

Cancellations by client

  • All Cancellations will incur a minimum fee of RM 200
  • Cancellations made within 48 hours of booking time will result in client being charged in full.
  • If you need to change your booking date, we require at least 48 hours notice, however we would appreciate as much notice as possible. Loss of full payment will result for rescheduling with less than 48 hours notice.
  • This is a half-day activity. Due to the nature of skydiving, delays and rescheduling are often required. Be aware that planning to complete your jump on time can often disappoint. We can often experience delays due to weather or air traffic. As a result, it will be considered a last minute cancellation if you have not allowed 4 hours to complete the jump, and payment will be forfeited in full (We put your Safety first and your schedule second at Skydive Langkawi).

Cancellations by company

  • If the company cancels due to weather or other factors a full refund will be given.
  • Where client has paid via third party, in most cases, the third party will be responsible for the refund to the client.
  • The client accepts and understands that due to weather and ‘other factors*’, Skydiving may be cancelled or postponed at short notice by the company. The client agrees that Skydive Langkawi is not liable for any loss sustained by the client due to cancellation.
    • *Note: ‘Other factors*’ referred above may include: In rare circumstances, equipment such as aircraft require unscheduled maintenance, which in rare occasion, can affect our ability to provide our services; Our staff have rare and unique skills. An unfit staff member at short notice can affect our ability to provide our services.

Delivery policy

  • In the unlikely event of a faulty Video/Photo package, a full refund of the cost of the Video/Photo package will be provided.
  • We reserve the right to use all media taken of any client for promotional purposes.
  • The client may write to us and request that we do not use media for promotional purposes.

Refund Policy

  • Without arrangement made prior to purchase, Gift Vouchers and Booking deposits are non refundable, however are transferable to another person who is not already booked with us.

Faulty DVD and Photos

  • At Skydive Langkawi, every effort is made to ensure your experience is recorded and presented to you at the highest standard possible.
  • Be aware that due to the extreme nature of Skydiving, equipment malfunctions and human error may occur.
  • In the unlikely event of a faulty DVD/Photo package, a full refund of the cost of the DVD/Photo package will be provided.

Fitness Requirements

  • Most people of reasonable fitness and health can go Skydiving.
  • In the interest of safety, we reserve the right to decline any participant from the activity if health is of a concern.
  • Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding any health issues which may render it unsafe to perform a parachute jump. We can work around certain issues if we know about them.
  • A letter from your doctor may be required if you disclose to us a medical condition you have.
  • Due to equipment limitations a maximum weight limit of 115 kg applies.




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